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Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood Takes Early Lead in First Post-Mubarak Elections; Democracy Now! Correspondent Anjali Kamat on Reporting the Revolutions in Egypt and Libya.


    Clinton Meets With Military Junta in Burma
    18 Killed in Iraq Violence; Iraq PM Open to U.S. “Trainers”
    No U.S. Apology for Deadly Pakistan Attack
    Britain Cuts Iran Ties; E.U. Mulls New Sanctions
    Central Banks Unveil New Lending Rules
    Environmental Groups, E.U. Criticize U.S. Stance at Climate Summit
    350 Arrested in Occupy Raids
    Bloomberg: NYPD is “My Own Army”
    Arizona Protesters Pepper-Sprayed, Arrested at ALEC Meeting
    Cain Vows to Remain in GOP Race
    Whistleblower: Canadian Police Could Have Arrested Serial Killer of Women 3 Three Years Earlier
    Former Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson Unveils Presidential Bid

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