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Democracy Now! – November 28, 2011

NATO Kills 24 Pakistani Troops in 2-Hour Assault on Pakistani Base, Tensions Flare in Region; Glenn Greenwald: Is Obama Fulfilling the Neocon Dream of Mass Regime Change in Muslim World?; WikiLeaks, Julian Assange Win Major Australian Prize for “Outstanding Contribution to Journalism”; Wife of Bahraini Political Prisoner Condemns U.S.-Backed Regime For Killing, Torturing Protesters; As Egypt Holds Vote, Journalist Mona Eltahawy Recounts Beating, Sexual Assault By Egyptian Forces.


    NATO Fighter Jets, Helicopters Attack Pakistan Military Outpost Killing 24
    Egypt: Voters Head to the Polls Following Mass Civil Unrest
    U.N. Climate Change Conference Begins In Durban, South Africa
    LAPD Moves in On Occupy Encampment
    NYC Occupy Protesters Call on City to Replace Thousands of Books Lost in Raid
    UC-Davis Students Call For General Strike to Protest Tuition Hikes
    Arab States Impose Sanctions on Syria in Response to Violent Crackdown
    Commission: U.S.-Backed Bahrain Government Killed, Tortured Pro-Democracy Activists
    Five United Arab Emirates Activists Granted Presidential Pardon
    Bhopal Disaster Survivors Call on India to Boycott Olympic Games Sponsored By Dow Chemical
    Mexican Human Rights Attorney Calls on International Court to Investigate Deaths
    Germany Anti-Nuke Protesters Block Train Carrying Tons of Nuclear Waste; 1,300 Detained
    WikiLeaks Wins Major Australian Journalism Prize
    Journalist Tom Wicker Dies at 85


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