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Egyptian Revolution Enters New Phase As Thousands Brave Violence to Protest Military Rule; America’s Not Broke: Solving the Debt Crisis By Making Nation More Equitable, Green & Secure; Reporter Greg Palast Exposes How U.S. “Vulture” Funds Make Millions By Exploiting African Nations.


    Thousands Gather In Egypt’s Tahrir Square in Fourth Day of Mass Protests
    Study: Greenhouse Gasses Blamed For Global Warming Reach Record Levels
    Bipartisan “Supercommittee” Fails to Agree on Federal Deficit
    Two Occupy Wall Street Protesters Sue NYPD For False Arrest, Excessive Force
    15 Arrested at Bank of America Anti-Foreclosure Sit-In
    15 Students Arrested in New York City Rally Against University Tuition Increases
    University Of California Davis Protesters Set Up Camp Near Site Of Controversial Pepper-Spray Incident
    Questions of Entrapment Raised in New York City Terror Arrest
    Pakistani Taliban Declares Nationwide Ceasefire
    Western Nations Announce Sanctions Against Iran’s Banks
    Brazil Fines Chevron $28 Million Following Oil Spill
    New York Foreclosure Firm That Mocked Homeless to Close Down

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