Democracy Now

Democracy Now! – November 8, 2011

Israel Deports Democracy Now! Correspondent Jihan Hafiz; Most Gaza Flotilla Activists Still Detained; Exclusive: 5,000 Haitian Cholera Victims Sue U.N. After Deadly Epidemic Kills 6,000, Sickens 450,000; The Koch-Cain Connection: IRS Urged To Probe Ties Between Cain Campaign and Billionaire Koch Brothers.

Today’s Headlines

    Syrian Troops Launch Bloody Assault in Third Largest City
    Italy’s Prime Minister Under Pressure to Resign as Massive Economic Crisis Worsens
    Woman Accuses GOP Presidential Hopeful Herman Cain of Improper Touching
    Voting Day: Ohio to Decide on Controversial Anti-Union Legislation
    Architect of Arizona’s Anti-Immigration Law Faces Recall
    Mississippi Voting on Bill to Grant Embryos Personhood
    New Census Data Shows a Record 49 Million Americans Living in Poverty
    Over 1,000 Senior Citizens Join Occupy Chicago to Oppose Social Security Cuts; About 50 Arrested
    Video Shows Oakland Police Shooting Man as He Films Occupy Protest
    French President to Obama: Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu Is A ‘Liar’
    State Department Opens “Special Review” of Controversial Keystone XL Tar Sands Oil Pipeline

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