Democracy Now

Democracy Now – November 3, 2011

EXCLUSIVE: Video Report from Gaza-Bound Flotilla Attempting to Break Israeli Blockade, Wall Street v. Greece: G20 Opens as Greek PM Pushes For Referendum on Bailout and Austerity Measures; Jon Corzine’s MF Global Firm Collapses in Biggest Wall Street Failure Since Lehman Brothers; Video Report From Streets of Oakland: First General Strike in City Since 1946 Shuts Downs Major Port.

Today’s Headlines

    Thousands of Occupy Oakland Supporters Shut Down Major Port With General Strike
    Veterans March For Occupy Movement in New York City
    Report: More Than 20 Million Americans Live at Least 50 Percent Below Poverty Line
    College Class of 2010 Owes Average of $25,000 Upon Graduation
    Study: Largest Publicly Traded Companies Pay Just Over Half the Official Tax Rate Owed
    Federal Reserve Chair Predicts Economic Growth Will Be ‘Frustratingly Slow’
    G20 Summit Begins With Agenda Set on Greece, European Debt Crisis
    Obama: I Will Make Final Decision on Keystone XL Tar Sands Oil Pipeline
    Pro-Palestinian Activists Launch New Flotilla to Challenge Israel Naval Blockade
    Military Prosecutors: U.S. Has Authority to Detain Gitmo Prisoners Indefinitely, Regardless of Guilt
    Syria: Killings Continue Amid Government Agreement to Halt Violence Against Citizens
    Libya: International Prosecutors Work To Bring Gaddafi Officials To Justice

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