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Democracy Now! – November 1, 2011

U.S. Pulls All Funding for UNESCO After Sweeping Vote to Support Palestinian Membership; As NATO Ends Libyan Bombing Campaign, Is the U.S. Seeking Greater Military Control of Africa?; Jonathan Steele on Afghanistan: “The War is Unwinnable: It is a Stalemate. There is No Victory”; Move Your Money: Campaign Grows to Divest From “Too Big to Fail” Banks to Local Banks, Credit Unions.

Today’s Headlines

    European Stocks Plummet as Greek Prime Minister Announces Popular Referendum on Bailout
    Brokerage Giant MF Global Holdings Files Bankruptcy Following Risky Bets
    Police Raid Occupy Encampments in California, Virginia
    UNESCO Votes Overwhelmingly to Accept Palestinian Authority as Member
    Attorney of U.S. Soldier: My Client Severed Fingers of Afghan Civilians as War Trophies
    Kenya Accused of Killing Five, Wounding Dozens of Children in Somalia Camp Bombing
    Republican Presidential Hopeful Herman Cain Acknowledges Sexual Harassment Allegations
    Rick Perry’s Flat Tax Plan Would Lead to Major Cut for Millionaires, Hike for Poor
    NATO Ends Libya Bombing Campaign After Striking Nearly 6,000 Targets
    California Firm Acknowledges Syrian Government Using Its Technology to Suppress Dissent
    Committee to Protect Journalists Alarmed over Ongoing Disappearance of Syrian Reporters, Bloggers
    Report: Increased Frequency of Weather Disasters Result of Global Warming
    Prominent Climate Change Skeptic Admits Global Warming is Real

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