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“Deadly Monopolies”: Medical Ethicist Harriet Washington on How Firms are Taking Over Life Itself.

    12 U.S. Forces Killed in Deadliest Ground Attack on NATO in Afghan War
    U.S. Ignored Evidence of Afghan Torture; State Dept. Probing Alleged Violations of Leahy Law
    Report: U.S. to Boost Persian Gulf Military Force After Iraq Withdrawal
    36 Killed in Iraq Bombing
    Dozens Arrested in Occupy Protests Nationwide
    60 Civilians Reported Dead in Syria Crackdown
    NATO Mission to Formally End in Libya; Gaddafi Son Makes Contact With ICC
    10 Palestinians, 1 Israeli Killed in Flare-Up
    Prominent Activist, Blogger Jailed in Egypt
    Fukushima Women Lead Anti-Nuclear Protest in Tokyo
    Report: Herman Cain Accused of Sexual Harassment in 1990s
    Leaked Photos Show Foreclosure Firm Mocking Displaced Homeowners at Halloween Party
    U.N. Says World Population Reaches 7 Billion


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