Making Contact

Making Contact – Democratic Boundaries: Corporate Cash vs. the 99 %

The people of the United States have seemingly awakened.  People are out in the streets, demanding changes to a system in which money controls politics.  Some complain the masses have no clear demands.  But with little transparency, it’s often unclear exactly where to point the blame.  On this edition, corporations, elections and the emerging movement to reclaim democracy.  In a post-citizens united world, is it too late to save our political system?

This program featured a special collaboration with, and was part of the Media Consortium’s We the People/Campaign Cash collaborative project.  For more related stories on Citizen’s United, politics, and money go to


Special thanks to KGNU radio in Boulder. CO.


Noam Chomsky, MIT professor; Mike Gillis, Ohio AFL-CIO communications director; Melissa Fezekas, We Are Ohio spokesperson; Tim Burga, Ohio AFL-CIO President; Marlene Quinn, Cincinnati Grandmother; Doug Stern, Cincinnati Firefighter Kris Hirsh, Stand up For Ohio spokesman; Larry Cohen, Communications Workers of America President; Laura Spicer, Boulder County Democratic party Chair and 2H campaign manager; Judy Lubow, 2H campaign organizer; Elena Nunez, Colorado Common Cause Program Director; K.C Becker, Macon Cowles & Matt Applebaum, Boulder City Council members; Mark Lowenstein, University of Colorado at Boulder Law Professor;


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