Democracy Now

Democracy Now! – October 26, 2011

Police Fire Tear Gas, Flash Grenades as Protesters Try to Retake Occupy Oakland After Predawn Raid; Glenn Greenwald on Two-Tiered U.S. Justice System, Obama’s Assassination Program & the Arab Spring; Glenn Greenwald on Occupy Wall Street, Banks Too Big to Jail and the Attack on WikiLeaks.

Today’s Headlines

    Study: Income of Wealthiest 1 Percent Tripled over Last Three Decades
    Oakland Police Use Tear Gas, Flash Grenades on Occupy Oakland Protesters 12 Hours After Camp Raid
    More than 50 Occupy Wall Street Protesters Arrested in Atlanta
    Students, Teachers, Activists Occupy New York City Board of Education Meeting
    New Plan Allows College Grads to Cap Student Loan Repayments
    Hundreds of Bodies Uncovered in Mass Grave in Libya Show Signs of Execution
    Violence in Yemen Escalates Despite Call for Ceasefire
    U.N Votes Overwhelmingly to Condemn U.S. Embargo Against Cuba for 20th Consecutive Year
    South Africa Declares Support for Palestinian Statehood
    Ex-Goldman Sachs Director Expected to Surrender to FBI Today
    NYPD Officers Charged for Transporting Illegal Weapons, Contraband
    Bizarre Herman Cain Presidential Ad Goes Viral


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