Democracy Now

Democracy Now! – October 25, 2011

From Tahrir to Wall Street: Egyptian Revolutionary Asmaa Mahfouz Speaks at Occupy Wall Street; Dozens Arrested at Occupy Oakland as Police Raid Encampment, Tear Down Tents; Goldman Sachs v. Occupy Wall Street: A Greg Palast Investigation; “Women, War and Peace” PBS Series Examines Role of Nobel Prize Winner Leymah Gbowee in Liberia.

Today’s Headlines

    Obama Unveils New Plan to Help Underwater Homeowners Refinance
    “Chemical Bomb” Thrown into Occupy Maine Encampment
    Albany Police Defy New York Governor and Refuse to Arrest Protesters
    Police Raid Occupy Oakland Encampment
    Gaddafi Reportedly Buried in Desert Despite Questions Over His Death
    Turkish Tanks Enter Northern Iraq to Attack Kurds
    WikiLeaks May Be Forced to Close Down Due to “Financial Blockade”
    Bombings Hit Nairobi a Week After Kenyan Invasion of Somalia
    Report: U.S Has Built Secret Network on Informants in Mexico
    Nebraska Lawmakers to Hold Special Session Over Keystone Pipeline
    Obama Campaign Hires Former Keystone XL Pipeline Lobbyist for 2012 Campaign
    Rick Perry Questions Legitimacy Of Obama’s Birth Certificate


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