Democracy Now

Democracy Now! – October 21, 2011

Gaddafi’s Death Sparks Celebrations, Probe Calls, as Libyans Begin New Era Free of Regime; Exclusive: Nobel Laureate Tawakkul Karman on the Struggle for Women’s Rights, Democracy in Yemen.

Today’s Headlines

    Libyans Celebrate Gaddafi Death; Burial Delayed Amidst Probe Calls
    Clinton Warns Pakistan on Militants
    Greek Parliament Approves Austerity Package
    Guatemala Apologizes to Árbenz Family for U.S.-Backed Coup
    ETA Renounces Armed Struggle for Basque Independence
    Senate Rejects Tax Measure in Jobs Bill
    ACLU: FBI Racially Profiling Ethnic Groups in Probes
    FBI Expands Definition of Rape Following Public Campaign
    New Yorkers Protest NYPD “Stop and Frisk” Program
    Bush Protested at Canadian Event
    NPR Ousts Journalist for Attending D.C. Protest


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