APEX Express

APEX Express – October 13, 2011

First Place artist, Vyal (Photo credit Estria M.)

The fifth annual Estria Graffiti Festival, took place from October 5 – 8, culminating into the Graffiti Battle finals (which happened alongside the Life is Living festival). Writers from around the country represented in the last battle, the first three taking place in Los Angeles, New York, and Honolulu. Contributor R.J. Lozada reports on the event.

Protestors with the Chinese Progressive Association are part of the 99% (Photo by Bea Quiz’em)

Occupy Wall Street has garnered worldwide attention, and many individuals and organizations have taken to the streets all over the country, including the Bay Area. The voices of the 99% are many, are nuanced. Contributors Marie Choi and Ellen Choy gather the thoughts of protestors in Oakland, and San Francisco.

Image by Rashid Johnson (Red Onion Prison in Virginia) in support of CA hunger strikers

The prison hunger strikes have resumed. On October 1st, it was reported that 12,000 inmates participated in the hunger strike. Inmates are reportedly collapsing in their cells as the strike goes into the third week. Inmates are arguing that conditions have not changed, that the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation have not followed their word. A potentially devastating standoff is continuing to build with neither side willing to negotiate, and the attorneys representing the inmates have been barred from visitation. Contributor Marie Choi reports.

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