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U.S. Continues to Back Afghan Warlord Linked to 2006 Massacre and Torture of Prisoners; Shock Doctrine at U.S. Postal Service: Is a Manufactured Crisis Behind Push Toward Privatization?; Video Report from Libya: “I Never Expected We Would Be Free.”

Today’s Headlines

    Gaddafi Forces Stave Off Assault on Libyan Leader’s Hometown of Sirte
    U.S. to Sell Bahrain $53 Million in Military Equipment Following Brutal Crackdown
    U.S. To Keep Bin Laden Photos Secret
    Pakistan’s Imran Khan Speaks Out on ISI-Haqqani Ties
    Poverty Rate Increases in 46 States
    Michael Moore Addresses Ongoing “Occupy Wall Street” Protest
    Israel Releases Al Jazeera Journalist Held Six Weeks Without Charge
    Bolivia’s Morales Halts Road Project amid Mass Protests, Violent Crackdown
    9,000 West Papua Mining Workers Continue Strike
    Pelican Bay Prisoners Resume Hunger Strike in California
    Canada: 117 Arrested in Keystone XL Pipeline Protest
    Sen. Rand Paul Blocks Legislation Strengthening Pipeline Safety Rules


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