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“Occupy Wall Street”: Thousands March in NYC Financial District, Set Up Protest Encampment; David Graeber: The Debt of the American Poor Should Be Forgiven; “They Just Started Shooting Us From Everywhere”: Scores of Protesters Killed in Yemen; Noam Chomsky on the Legality of NATO’s Bombing of Libya and the Scramble for Oil; Noam Chomsky: The U.S. & Israel Strongly Oppose “Rise of Any Meaningful Democracy” in Middle East; Noam Chomsky: 2012 GOP Candidates Views are “Off the International Spectrum of Sane Behavior.”

Today’s Headlines

    Obama Proposes New “Buffett Tax” on Millionaires
    Yemen Intensifies Government Crackdown With Scores Killed in 48 Hours
    Gaddafi Forces Claim Hundreds Killed In NATO Air Strike, Claim Capture of 17 European Mercenaries
    U.S. Accuses Pakistani Government of Ties To Taliban-Linked Militants Blamed For Embassy Attack
    United Nations Requests $350 Million in Flood Relief Aid for Pakistan
    Former FBI Director Calls For Troy Davis Execution To Be Put Off
    Banking Giant UBS Loses $2.3 Billion in Unauthorized Trades
    Book: Tim Geithner Ignored Presidential Order to Consider Dissolving Citigroup
    Report: U.S. Cannot Account For Nearly Three Tons of Nuclear Material Shipped Overseas
    Palestinian President Mahoud Abbas Arrives in New York Vowing to Seek Full U.N. Membership
    U.S. Hikers Remain Detained Following Religious Delegation’s Visit to Iran
    Brazil: Two Men Arrested in Connection With Amazon Environmentalist Murders

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