Democracy Now

Democracy Now! – September 8, 2011

Texas Faces Massive Wildfires, Record Drought as Gov. Rick Perry Denies Existence of Global Warming; Epitaph For Another 9/11: Renown Writer Ariel Dorfman on 1973 U.S.-backed Coup in Chile; A Fateful Day: 9/11 Also Marks Important Anniversaries in India, Guatemala, Haiti and Attica, NY.

Today’s Headlines

    Gaddafi Denies Libya Departure, Urges More Fighting
    Western Firm Negotiated to Arm Gaddafi Regime Before Uprising
    Syrian Forces Kill at Least 20 in Homs in Ongoing Crackdown on Protest Movement
    GOP Contenders Clash in Debate; Perry Blasts Social Security as “Ponzi Scheme”
    Obama to Deliver Jobs Speech; Some GOP Lawmakers Won’t Attend
    Nearly 100 Ex-Staffers for Congressional “Super Committee” Members Now Working as Lobbyists
    Ex-CIA Lawyer: Obama Changed “Virtually Nothing” from Bush Admin on Terror Policies
    U.S. Pressures Palestinians to Drop Statehood Bid
    Bahrain Releases Hunger-Striking Medical Workers from Detention
    Honduran Resistance Leader Slain
    Students Protest Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates at University of Texas
    5 Dead in Tri-State Shooting Spree


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