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Making Contact – Who Won the Egyptian Revolution?

In February a mass movement overthrew the hated dictatorship of Hosni Mubarak in Egypt. But a military council now rules the country. Critics say the new regime has kept much of Mubarak’s repressive apparatus. Meanwhile extremist Islamist groups are pressuring the government to adopt undemocratic, right-wing policies. On this edition, independent producer Reese Erlich brings you this special report “Who Won the Egyptian Revolution?”


Reese Erlich received a grant from the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting for his reporting in Egypt.



Tarek Shalaby, Tahrir Square leader; Shimaa Helmy, biotechnology student; Khalid Shalid, Tahrir square protestor; Salma Shukrallah, Al Ahram Online journalist; Dr. Mohammad Shafik, doctor at Manshiet el Bakry hospital; Ellis J. Goldberg, University of Washington political science & American University in Cairo visiting professor; Ahmad Fathi, Truck driver; Salah Hamid, barber; Rabab El Mahdi, American University in Cairo political science teacher; Mohammad Said Mohammad, Muslim Brotherhood supporter; Father Antonius, Coptic Christian leader; Dr. Milad Ismail; Manshiet el Bakry hospital administrator  


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