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Democracy Now! – August 31, 2011

ATF Whistleblower: U.S. Gun Sting “Fast & Furious” Has Left Trail of “Crime Scenes and Dead Bodies”; As Grim Details Emerge, Guatemalan Victims Seek Justice for U.S. Medical Experiments in 1940s.

Today’s Headlines

    Evacuations, Airlifts Continue in Irene’s Aftermath
    Insurers Could Avoid Bulk of Irene Costs
    Study: 25 CEOs Earned More Than Companies Paid in Taxes; Wage Gap Increases
    Obama Defends Economy Handling, Cites MLK on “Economic Justice”
    ATF Director Demoted Over Fast and Furious Gun Sting
    Libyan Rebels Give Gaddafi Fighters Saturday Deadline
    Amnesty: Black Libyans, Sub-Saharan Africans at Risk in Libya
    Syrian Forces Kill Protesters in Daraa
    More Arrests in Keystone XL Pipeline Protest Outside White House
    Exxon, Russia Reach Deal for Arctic Oil
    Kansas Ordered to Resume Planned Parenthood Funding
    Judge Blocks Texas Law Requiring Pregnant Women to View Sonogram Before Abortion
    Bolivian Commanders Convicted for 2003 Massacre
    WikiLeaks Site Hacked as Names Reportedly Disclosed

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