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APEX Express – August 25, 2011

Partho Sarathi

In this week’s APEX Express:

Find out about how the Indian state is at war with its own people as it aims to be more and more of a neo-liberal economy. Bay-area based activist Anu Mandavilli from the Mining Zone People’s Solidarity Group (www.miningzone.org) interviews Indian activist Partho Sarathi Ray from the group Sanhati (www.sanhati.com), a global collective of activists and academics challenging the neo-liberal economic paradigm in India.

Also, queer rights activist and artist Aniruddhan Vasudevan speaks to Preeti Shekar about his new performance at 3rd i’s Queer Eye this weekend.

After watching Doris Yeung‘s haunting debut film, Motherland, contributor R.J. Lozada sits down with Yeung and attempts to discern fiction from truth.

Here’s a trailer to Motherland

Motherland Trailer

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