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Democracy Now! – August 24, 2011

The One Billion Dollar Question: Who Are the Libyan Rebels?; The 9/11 TV News Archive: 3,000 Hours of Video News Coverage of 2001 Attacks Posted Online; Pioneering Internet Archivists Brewster Kahle and Rick Prelinger on Preservation in the Digital Age.

Today’s Headlines

    Gaddafi Vows “Martyrdom” as Battle for Tripoli Persists
    NY Attorney General Booted from Mortgage Company Settlement Task Force
    NY Supreme Court Dismisses Sex Crimes Charges Against Former IMF Chief
    Nuclear Power Plant Near East Coast Earthquake Epicenter Lacking Seismographs Since 1990s
    Military Contractor KBR Sues Gang-Rape Accuser for $2 Million
    New Jersey ACLU Joins Parents in $100 Million Lawsuit over Facebook Donation
    South Sudan Calls for Troop Deployment Following Massive Revenge Killings
    Chile’s Largest Labor Union Calls Two-Day Strike as Students Continue Protests
    Democrats Nominate Mississippi’s First African-American Gubernatorial Candidate in Modern History
    Report: Climate Change Disproportionately Impacts Indigenous Americans
    Canadian Actors Arrested Alongside 60 Others in Pipeline Protest at White House
    Foreign Policy Adviser to Mitt Romney Actively Supporting Iranian Terrorist Organization


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