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Democracy Now! – August 22, 2011

Report from Libya: Gaddafi Regime on Brink of Collapse as Rebels Storm Tripoli; “Libya Has Reignited the Flame of Liberty in the Arab World”: Juan Cole, Khaled Mattawa on Uprising; West Memphis Three Freed From Jail 18 Years After Being Convicted Amid “Wave of Satanic Hysteria.”

Today’s Headlines

    Libyan Rebels Enter Capital City as Gaddafi Regime Loses Grip on Power
    Syria’s Assad Warns International Community Against Military Intervention
    Iran Sentences American Hikers to Eight Years in Prison
    Residents Near Stricken Japanese Nuclear Plant May Be Barred from Returning Home for Decades
    Verizon Workers End Massive 15-Day Strike Following Bargaining Agreement
    Over 110 People Arrested Outside White House in Ongoing Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline Protest
    Panetta: Iraq Has Agreed to Negotiate Extended U.S. Occupation
    Israel, Hamas Agree to Ceasefire Following Days of Cross-Border Violence
    Bachmann Staffer Formerly Charged With Terrorism in Uganda
    Trio Convicted of 1993 Triple Child Murder Released After Nearly Two Decades of Popular Support
    India: Tens of Thousands March to Support Activist’s Anti-Corruption Hunger Strike
    Hundreds of Brooklyn Residents Rally to Prevent 82-Year-Old’s Eviction

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