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A British Spring? Phone-Hacking Scandal Threatens Murdoch Media Empire and British Government; As Nelson Mandela Turns 93, A Discussion With Anti-Apartheid Freedom Fighter Ronnie Kasrils.

Today’s Headlines

    * British PM Cameron to Hold Emergency Session in Growing Phone-Hacking Scandal
    * Senior Adviser to Afghan President Assassinated
    * U.S. Joins 31 Other Nations to Recognize Libyan Rebel Council as Legitimate Government
    * At Least 30 Activists Killed as Syrian Forces Expand Crackdown
    * Secret Iraqi Prison, Torture Facility Uncovered in Green Zone
    * First Emergency U.N. Aid to Somalia Drought Victims Arrives in Kenya
    * Ruptured Exxon Mobil Montana Pipeline Carried Tar Sands Oil
    * Shooting Victim Attempts to Stop Assailant’s Execution in Texas
    * Lawyers, Relatives of Pakistan Drone Strike Victims Call for Arrest of Former CIA Legal Chief
    * Doctors Without Borders Condemns CIA over Fake Vaccination Program
    * Radio Journalist Murdered in Honduras
    * Nelson Mandela International Day Celebrated as Anti-Apartheid Leader Turns 93


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