Democracy Now

Democracy Now! – July 13, 2011

Jeremy Scahill Reveals CIA Facility, Prison in Somalia as U.S. Expands Covert Ops in Stricken Nation; Famine in Somalia, Horn of Africa Described as “Worst Humanitarian Disaster in the World”; Red Cross Provided with Location of Secret Somali Prison Used by CIA; “The Murdoch Empire Could Be Undone”: British Phone Hacking Scandal May Prompt U.S. Criminal Probe; Egyptian Protests Grow amidst Widespread Frustration over Revolution’s Progress.

Today’s Headlines

    * GOP Senate Leader Floats “Last-Choice” Debt Deal
    * Obama: No Guarantee of Social Security Checks if Talks Fail
    * GOP Overture Follows Corporate Plea for Debt Deal
    * Libya: NATO Blockade Causing Water Shortage
    * NATO: Bombing to Continue Through Ramadan
    * U.N. Torture Expert Criticizes U.S. on Manning Access
    * Environmental Activists Occupy Montana Governor’s Office
    * U.K. Parliament Votes to Oppose Murdoch Takeover Bid
    * IMF Demands Italy Austerity Measures Amidst Debt Fears
    * Obama Raises $86 Million for Re-Election Campaign
    * Dems Retain Congressional Seat in California Race
    * U.S. Deports Guatemalan Accused of Role in 1982 Massacre

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