Democracy Now 9am (rebroadcast)

Democracy Now! – June 21, 2011

1.5 Million Female Wal-Mart Employees Lose Historic Sex Discrimination Case Before Supreme Court; “If a Tree Falls”: New Documentary on Daniel McGowan, Earth Liberation Front and Green Scare.

Today’s Headlines

    * Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Wal-Mart in Sex Discrimination Case
    * States’ Emissions Lawsuit Against Major Power Companies Rejected by Supreme Court
    * Obama to Announce Plan for Troop Withdrawals from Afghanistan
    * Libya: NATO Air Strike Reportedly Kills 19 Civilians, Eight Children
    * Ex-Tunisian President, Wife Sentenced to 35 Years in Prison
    * Report: Number of World’s Refugees Reaches 15-Year High
    * Ocean Experts Warn of Unprecedented Mass Extinction of Marine Life
    * Obama Breaks Promise to Reinstall Solar Panels on White House
    * Report: Majority of U.S. Nuclear Power Sites Leak Radioactive Materials into Groundwater
    * Uninsured Man Robs Bank of $1 to Gain Prison Medical Coverage
    * Justice Clarence Thomas Under Fire for Ties to Real Estate Magnate
    * New Yorkers Camp Out to Protest Bloomberg Budget Cuts


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