Democracy Now

Democracy Now! – June 15, 2011

In Nod to Latino Voters, Obama Makes Historic Visit to Puerto Rico Ahead of 2012 Elections; New Report: U.S. Encouraged Gun Sales to Drug Cartels, 70% of Seized Mexico Guns Are from U.S.; Mexican Peace Caravan Arrives in U.S. to Call for End to Deadly Drug War Policy; CIA Building Secret Mideast Base to Launch Drone Attacks in Yemen.

Today’s Headlines

    * Wisconsin Supreme Court Reinstates Anti-Union Law
    * Report: CIA Builds Mideast Base for Yemen Drone Strikes
    * Rebels Advance in Libya; House Votes to Cut Funding
    * Pakistan Arrests CIA Informants
    * Syria Expands Crackdown to 2 Towns
    * Gaza Strip Unemployment at Record High as Blockade Enters 5th Year
    * 2 U.S. Soldiers Killed in Iraq
    * Obama Makes Brief Puerto Rico Visit
    * Admin Presses Congress on Debt Limit
    * Ex-Utah Gov. Huntsman Enters GOP Race
    * Ex-Blackwater Operative Sentenced for Afghan Killing
    * Federal Judge Upholds Reversal of California Gay Marriage Ban
    * New Yorkers Erect “Bloombergville” Tent Camp Against Budget Cuts
    * Amazonian Land Rights Activist Slain in Brazil

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