Democracy Now

Democracy Now! – June 14, 2011

First Major Republican Presidential Debate Focuses on Obama, Jobs, Healthcare, Afghan War and Tea Party
; FBI to Expand Domestic Surveillance Powers as Details Emerge of Its Spy Campaign Targeting Activists; Formaldehyde Added to “Known Carcinogens” List Despite Lobbying by Koch Brothers, Chemical Industry.

Today’s Headlines

    * U.S., Afghan Officials Discuss Extending Military Presence for Decades
    * CIA to Intensify Covert Killing Campaign in Yemen, Modeled After Pakistan Drone Program
    * Syrian Military Forces Expand Operations, Thousands of Refugees Flood Turkey Border
    * Jordan Protesters Reportedly Attack Motorcade of King Abdullah II
    * Republicans Attack President Obama in First Major Debate of 2012 Presidential Race
    * Obama Reaches Out to Wall Street Executives Ahead of 2012 Election
    * Italy Votes in Overwhelming Numbers to Block Nuclear Power Revival
    * Grand Jury Investigates CIA over Death of Abu Ghraib Prisoner
    * Families of Dead Guantánamo Prisoners Appeal to Revive Lawsuit Against Donald Rumsfeld
    * Mexico: Majority of Guns Come from U.S., Hearing Begins on U.S. Efforts to Sell Weapons to Cartels
    * Thousands of New York Macy’s Workers Prepare for Strike

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