Democracy Now

Democracy Now! – June 13, 2011

Syrian Troops Pursue “Scorched Earth” Policy; Videos Document Children Tortured to Death; Maher Arar: My Rendition & Torture in Syrian Prison Highlights U.S. Reliance on Syria As An Ally; Former Miss USA, Ralph Nader, Privacy Advocates Fight Full Body Airport Scanners and Invasive Patdowns; Ralph Nader: Koch Brothers Led Fight to Defend Formaldehyde Despite Carcinogenic Evidence.

Today’s Headlines

    * FBI Grants Agents Increased Freedom To Investigate Without Firm Evidence
    * Syria: Thousands Flee to Turkey Following Military Attack, Government Reportedly Deploys Helicopters
    * Obama Administration Approved $200 In Military Sales To Bahrain In Run-Up To Violent Crackdown
    * Soaring Costs of U.S. Involvement in Libya Set to Exceed $750 Million
    * U.N.: May Deadliest Month for Afghanistan Civilians in Ongoing War
    * $6.6 Billion Shipped to Iraq Alleged Stolen; Possibly “Largest Theft of Funds in National History”
    * U.S. Works to Deploy Secret Internet, Mobile Phone Systems For Dissidents
    * Mexico Anti-Violence Protesters Arrive In US, Demand Change From American People, Government
    * Photos Released of Wounded Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords
    * Hundreds Protest Release of Police Officer Convicted of Killing Unarmed Man
    * Government Adds Formaldehyde to List of Known Carcinogens

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