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Obama Hides Meeting with Top Bahraini Leader—And Mutes Criticism of Ongoing Crackdown; Critics Dub Planned Puerto Rico Pipeline the “Death Route” for Alleged Threat to Environment, Public Health; Annie Jacobsen on New Book, “Area 51: An Uncensored History of America’s Top Secret Military Base”

Today’s Headlines

    * U.S. Increases Secret Yemen Bombings in Saleh’s Absence
    * Clinton Meets with Libya Contact Group in UAE
    * ICC Prosecutor: Gaddafi Sanctioned Rape Against Opponents
    * U.N. Security Council to Debate Syria Censure
    * Senate Panel Questions Afghan Spending
    * Obama Expresses “Sorrow” for Afghan Deaths
    * Al-Qaeda Leader Threatens U.S.
    * Egypt-Gaza Border Reopens
    * U.N. Convenes AIDS Session, Hundreds Protest for Universal Treatment
    * Sudan Rejects New Genocide Allegations from ICC
    * Prosecution of NSA Whistleblower Thomas Drake in Doubt

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