Democracy Now 9am (rebroadcast)

Democracy Now! – June 8, 2011

Bill Moyers on His Legendary Journalism Career: “Democracy Should Be a Brake on Unbridled Greed and Power”

Today’s Headlines

    * Libya Claims 31 Dead in NATO Air Strikes
    * Defiant Gaddafi Vows Prolonged Fight
    * Obama Hosts Bahraini Crown Prince, Silent on Crackdown
    * Yemeni Gov’t Rejects Transition Talks
    * UNICEF Warns of Humanitarian Crisis in Yemen
    * Residents: Mutinous Syrian Soldiers Responsible for Troop Deaths
    * U.N. Official Criticizes Israel on Border Killings
    * U.S. Drone Strike Kills 15 in Pakistan
    * Gates Wraps Final Trip to Afghanistan
    * Bernanke: U.S. Economic Recovery “Slower Than Expected”
    * Private Prison Giant Hires Former Top Federal Official
    * Study: Nuclear Disarmament Steps Balanced Out by New Weapons
    * 23 Die in Haiti Flooding
    * U.N. Issues Warning on Food Prices
    * New Jersey Shutters Public Broadcasting


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