Making Contact

Making Contact – Seeking Justice and Police Accountability in Jamaica

In May 2010, New York prosecutors issued an extradition request for Jamaican Kingpin Christopher Coke – gangster to some, local hero to others. The search for Coke triggered a government crackdown on the neighborhood of Tivoli Gardensin Kingston, leaving 73 civilians dead in a span of just a few days. The majority of those victims were innocent and their loved ones continue to fight for justice andaccountability, despite Jamaica’s long record of police violence and government corruption. Today we bring you a documentary on police violence in Jamaica.




Paulette Wellington, Mother of Sheldon Wellington

Earl Witter, Jamaican Public Defender, Carolyn Gomes, Jamaicans for Justice, Susan Goffe, Jamaicans for Justice, Monica Williams, mother of Jason Smith and Activist, and Dr. Ademola Odunfa, Kingston Hospital

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