Democracy Now

Democracy Now! – June 1, 2011

Out of Exile: Part II of Exclusive Report on Ousted Honduran President Zelaya’s Return 2 Years After U.S.-Backed Coup; Former Honduran Minister: U.S. Undoubtedly Played Central Role in Zelaya Coup; Zelaya’s Return: Neither Reconciliation nor Democracy in Honduras.

Today’s Headlines

    * NATO Extends Libya Mission, Resumes Bombing
    * Dozens Killed in Yemen Clashes
    * Syrian Forces Shell Southern Town; Boy’s Death Spurs Protests
    * Alleged 9/11 Plotters Charged Before Military Tribunal
    * Supreme Court: Ashcroft Immune from Wrongful Imprisonment Suit
    * GOP-Controlled House Rejects Debt Ceiling Ahead of Obama Meeting
    * Mladic Arrives at The Hague for War Crimes Trial
    * Cell Phone Use Potentially Cancerous, Reports the World Health Organization
    * Pakistani Intelligence Speculated in Journalist Killing
    * Obama Taps Former Energy Exec for Commerce Post
    * Kissinger Protested at New York Event
    * Peace Activists Arrested for Dancing at Jefferson Memorial


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