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Radio Chronicles – A Time For Remembrance: Sierra Leone—Fifty Years of Independence

Sierra Leone, located on the West Africa, has a population of appromimately six million people.  Civil strife has plagued the nation for several years.  Yet, like most of the African Continent, there seems to be a resilliance among a people who have been traumatised, demoralised, colonized.  Sierra Leone has used a peace process involving the use of the United Nations, ECOMOG, the Nigerian-led peacekeeping force, and influence of UN legal initiatives to bring about some degree of political stability.  In recognition of the 50 year anniversary of the independence of Sierra Leone, the Radio Chronicles shares the story of one man who remembers the 27 April 1961 day of independence.  We have commentary from the Ambassador to the UN.  Also, we share an excerpt from historian and author, Dr. Ibrahim Abdullah, courtesy of KPFA’s Africa Today (hosted by Walter Turner weekly at 7pm on Monday’s).  Music in today’s show includes the Sierra Leone Refugee AllStars, with Ya N’digba, as well as Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers with Diamond City.  Hear A Time For Remembrance: Sierra Leone—Fifty Years of Independence.

Hosted and produced by Safi wa Nairobi.

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