Democracy Now

Democracy Now! – May 11, 2011

Obama Calls for Immigration Reform amidst Record Levels of Deportations; “A War on Civilians”: Mexico’s Drug War Draws Protests as Grueling Death Toll Grows; Noam Chomsky: “The U.S. and Its Allies Will Do Anything to Prevent Democracy in the Arab World.”
Today’s Headlines

    * NATO Continues Bombing of Tripoli
    * Bin Laden’s Family Challenges Legality of Killing
    * Drone Attack Kills 4 in Pakistan; Attorney Preps Legal Challenge
    * Syrian Forces Shell Residential Areas
    * Obama Touts Immigration Reform Plan
    * Federal Court Blocks Utah Anti-Immigrant Law
    * California Teachers Launch “State of Emergency” Protests
    * Senate Dems Call for Repealing Oil Company Tax Breaks
    * Single-Payer Measure Introduced in Congress
    * Study: GOP Budget Plan Would Drop 44 Million from Medicaid
    * Japan Abandons Plan for New Nuclear Reactors
    * Mubarak Faces Extended Detention in Egypt
    * Flooding Hits Poor Areas of Memphis


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