Democracy Now

Democracy Now! – May 10, 2011

EXCLUSIVE: Playwright Tony Kushner Speaks Out on CUNY Controversy, Academic Freedom and Israel; Historian Adam Hochschild: Lessons for the Antiwar Movement from the Pacifists of World War I.

Today’s Headlines

    * NATO Strikes Libya Capital with Heaviest Bombing in Weeks
    * United Nations Warns Key Supplies Running Short in Libya
    * Report: U.S., Pakistan Had Longstanding Deal Permitting Capture of Osama bin Laden
    * U.S. Removing 5,000 Troops from Afghanistan by July; 90,000 Left through Year End
    * Egypt: Second Former Cabinet Minister Arrested
    * White House Under Pressure to Criticize Bahrain amid Crackdown on Peaceful Protesters
    * Researchers Confirm Link between Hydraulic Fracking and Flammable Water
    * Panel: Renewable Energy Could Supply Nearly 80 Percent of the World’s Energy
    * FBI Surveillance Dramatically Increases
    * President Obama Visits Texas; Arizona Calls for Lifting of Injunction on Immigration Law
    * Memphis Braces for Continued Flooding as Mississippi River Crests at Near-Record Level


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