Making Contact

Making Contact – The Light Inside: Giving Birth Behind Bars

What’s it like to give birth or raise an infant, inside the walls of a prison?  Or even worse, have to give up your child the day it’s born?  On this edition, a look at pregnancy, and motherhood, inside Americas jails and prisons.  What does the huge number of incarcerated women in prison foretell for the next generation of America’s kids?

Special Thanks to segment producers: intern Shaunnah Ray, and freelancer Shannon Heffernan. Heffernan’s  Time on the Outside project is produced with support from the Soros Justice Media Fellowships Program of the Open Society Institute.


Featuring:  Michelle Alexander, Author of “The New Jim Crow.  Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness’; Hukee, Prison Doula Project Birth Attendant Program Coordinator; Simon Conrad, Marin Fahey, Sarelle Caicedo, Doulas; Teresa Correll & Genisis, Women who gave Birth at the Washington Correctional Center For Women; Casey & AJ, Mothers at Decatur Prison; Susan Creek, Decatur Prison Warden


Producer/Host: Andrew Stelzer

Producers: Kyung Jin Lee, Esther Manilla

Executive Director: Lisa Rudman
Associate Director: Khanh Pham

Production Intern:  Shaunnah Ray, Lisa Bartfai

Web Intern: Irene Flores
Organizational Volunteers: Judy Huang, Dan Turner, Ron Rucker, Alfonso Hooker & Alton Byrd


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