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Making Contact – Broken, Not Broke: The Economy According to Richard Wolff

As the ‘great recession’ continues, Economist Richard Wolff says failed ‘trickle down economics’ theories are being recycled under a different name.  Now state and local governments are enacting even more cuts to the people who can afford them the least.  On this edition, Making Contact’s Lisa Rudman conducts an exclusive interview with economist and educator, Richard Wolff.  He explains how we got into this economic mess, who’s to blame, and how, if we get organized, the flow of resources might be reversed.

Featuring:  Richard Wolff, University of Massachusetts at Amherst professor; Jerry Brown, Governor of California. 


Producer/Host: Andrew Stelzer

Producer: Kyung Jin Lee

Executive Director/Contributing Producer: Lisa Rudman
Associate Director: Khanh Pham

Production Intern:  Shaunnah Ray

Web Intern: Irene Flores
Organizational Volunteers: Judy Huang, Dan Turner, Ron Rucker, Alfonso Hooker & Alton Byrd

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