Democracy Now

Democracy Now! – March 31, 2011

Jeremy Scahill and Ex-DIA Analyst Joshua Foust on “The Dangerous U.S. Game in Yemen” & CIA Ops in Libya; Libya’s Eman al-Obeidi Remains Missing Since Risking Life to Tell Story of Rape by Gaddafi’s Forces; Supreme Court Weighs Massive Lawsuit Accusing Retail Giant Wal-Mart for Sexual Discrimination Against Female Workers.

Today’s Headlines

    * CIA Operating in Libya; Obama Authorized Rebel Arms Shipments
    * Libyan Foreign Minister Resigns Post
    * Gaddafi Troops Advance on Rebels
    * Libyan Infant Killed in U.S.-Led Air Strike
    * U.N. Urges Japan to Widen Evacuation Zone
    * Ohio House Approves Anti-Union Bill
    * Walker Gov. Officials Defy Court Injunction to Implement Anti-Union Law
    * New York Assembly Approves Budget Amidst Protests
    * Obama Energy Plan Calls for Reducing Oil Imports, Affirms Nuclear Use
    * Assad Orders Review of Emergency Law, Blames “Foreign Conspiracy” for Unrest
    * Reuters Journalists Missing in Syria
    * U.N. Backs Sanctions on Gbagbo
    * Egypt to Hold November Elections
    * Carter Calls for End to Cuba Embargo, Release of Prisoners
    * Organic Farmers, Dealers Sue Agri-Giant Monsanto Over Patents

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