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Democracy Now! – March 29, 2011

“We Have Intervened to Stop a Massacre”: Obama Defends the U.S.-Led Military Action in Libya; A Debate on U.S. Military Intervention in Libya: Juan Cole v. Vijay Prashad; Syria Detains Egyptian-American Accused of Spying, Refuses to Release Details of Charges Against Mohamed Radwan; “Shocked and Appalled”: Sister of Death Row Prisoner Troy Davis Responds to Supreme Court Ruling.

Today’s Headlines

    * President Obama Defends Military Intervention in Libya
    * Obama Neglects Libyan Rebels’ Reliance on Firepower by Allied Forces
    * Clinton Meets with Libya Opposition Leader, U.S. Sending Envoy to Benghazi
    * Japan on “High Alert” as Plutonium Found in Soil, Radiation Worse than Three Mile Island
    * Japan Considers Nationalizing Tokyo Electric Power
    * U.S. Army Further Apologizes for New “Kill Team” Photos
    * Pakistan to Compensate Families of U.S. Drone Strike Victims
    * Ousted U.S. Government Spokesman Does Not Regret Manning Treatment Comments
    * Ouattara-Backed Forces Attack Town as Ivory Coast Conflict Intensifies
    * Sen. Bernie Sanders Denounces Corporate Tax Dodgers
    * Michigan Slashes Unemployment Benefits as Other States Follow Lead
    * Wisconsin: Hearing Today to Determine Whether Anti-Union Bill Is In Effect
    * Supreme Court to Hear Mass Class Action Lawsuit from Female Walmart Employees
    * Supreme Court Dismisses Appeal of Georgia Death Row Prisoner Troy Davis

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