Democracy Now

Democracy Now! – March 17, 2011

“Serious Danger of a Full Core Meltdown”: Update on Japan’s Nuclear Catastrophe; Report from Sendai: Fears of Radioactivity Are Hampering Relief Efforts; Hiroshima Organizes Scientific Teams and Medical Treatment Centers to Receive Victims of Radiation Poisoning; Prominent Japanese Environmentalist Keibo Oiwa Urges Global Movement to End Nuclear Power and Confront the “Crazy System Based on Greed, Anger and Ignorance”; 7 Years After Ouster in U.S.-Backed Coup, Former Haitian President Aristide Prepares to Return Home; Libyan Rebels Maintain Benghazi Media Center to Battle Gadaffi Regime Through the Internet and Airwaves.

Today’s Headlines

    * Japan Dumps Water on Reactor; Radiation Levels Rise
    * Deaths, Arrests in Bahraini Protest Crackdown
    * Thousands Protest as Michigan Enacts Emergency Management Laws
    * Wisconsin Prosecutor Challenges Anti-Worker Bill
    * Florida Advances Restrictions on Teachers
    * CIA Agent Accused of Murder Freed in Pakistan
    * Hundreds Protest Clinton in Tunisia
    * Clinton Visits Tahrir Square; Won’t Stay On Past 2012
    * Palestinian Factions to Hold Unity Talks
    * Study: 800,000 to Contract Cholera in Haiti
    * EPA to Regulate Coal Power Plant Emissions
    * Former Chicago Police Commander Begins Prison Term

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