Democracy Now

Democracy Now! – March 16, 2011

Amy Goodman Reports from South Africa on Aristide’s Planned Return Trip to Haiti After Seven Years in Exile; “No Happy Ending”: Nuclear Experts Say Japan’s Disaster is Intensifying; South Africans Question the Push To “Go Down the Nuclear Road” to Meet Rising Energy Demand.

Today’s Headlines

    * Japan Races to Cool Reactors as Radiation Fears Grow
    * Reactor Model Faulted for Safety Concerns
    * Quake, Tsunami Toll Tops 11,000
    * Bahraini Forces Attack Protesters in Manama
    * Egyptian Youth Groups Refuse to Meet Clinton Over Mubarak Support
    * U.S. Airstrike Kills 2 Afghan Children; Petraeus Suggests Long-Term U.S. Military Presence
    * Gaddafi Forces Advance on Benghazi
    * Michigan Lawmakers Approve Emergency Management Bill
    * Hundreds Protest Anti-Teacher Bill in Tennessee
    * Uzbekistan Expels Human Rights Watch
    * Utah Enacts Anti-Immigrant Bill
    * Report: U.S. Deploys Drones in Mexico


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