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Democracy Now! – March 15, 2011

“This Could Become Chernobyl on Steroids”: Nuclear Engineer Arnie Gundersen on Japan’s Growing Nuclear Crisis; Vermont Gov. Fights to Close Vermont Yankee, One of 23 U.S. Nuclear Power Facilities Nearly Identical to Failed Japanese Plant; “Get the Children Away from the Reactors”: Japan Urged to Expand Evacuation Area Around Nuclear Plants as Leaking Radiation Spreads; “Bahrain is No Longer An Independent Country, It Is Occupied by Saudi Forces”: Activist Says Pro-Democracy Protests Will Continue; Yemen Expands Crackdown on Pro-Democracy Movement, Deports Journalists.

Today’s Headlines

    * Japan Faces Nuclear Crisis After Third Explosion at Plant
    * Radiation Leaks Force Over 70,000 to Evacuate
    * Thousands of Bodies Wash Up on Japan’s Shore
    * Bahrain Declares State of Emergency; Saudi Forces Arrive to Quell Protests
    * Libya: Pro-Gaddafi Forces Close in on Rebels as No-Fly Zone Debate Persists
    * Young People Lead Massive Protests in Palestine
    * Bradley Manning’s Father Speaks Out Against Son’s Treatment
    * Aristide to Return to Haiti Before Elections Despite U.S. Wishes
    * Wisconsin Dems Still Held in Contempt, Votes Not Counted or Recorded
    * Iowa Considers Bill to Criminalize Undercover Videos at Farms
    * Guatemalans Intentionally Infected with Diseases Sue U.S. Government
    * Sen. Al Franken: Violations of Net Neutrality Should Be a Crime

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