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Democracy Now! – March 9, 2011

Naomi Klein: Tim DeChristopher Guilty Verdict Exposes “Double Standard” of How “Oil and Gas Companies Privatize Profits…Externalize the Cost”; “My Fear is that Climate Change is the Biggest Crisis of All”: Naomi Klein Warns Global Warming Could Be Exploited by Capitalism and Militarism.


    * Libyan Gov’t Claims Control of Rebel-Held Zawiyah; U.S., U.K. Agree on Military Options
    * Idaho Assembly OKs Bill to Curb Teachers’ Unions
    * Pro-Worker Rallies Held in 6 States
    * Emails: Walker Offered Concessions on Anti-Union Bill
    * 2010 Deadliest Year for Civilians in Afghan War
    * Dozens Killed in Pakistan Bombings
    * Yemeni Police Attack Protesters in Sana’a
    * 11 Killed in Religious Clashes in Egypt
    * Amnesty: Video Shows Torture of Slain Egyptian Prisoners
    * International Women’s Day Protests, Events Held Worldwide
    * Syrian Dissident, Attorney Released from Prison
    * ICJ Rules on Nicaragua, Costa Rica Dispute
    * Muslim Group Criticizes “Radicalization” Hearings
    * NPR Exec Resigns Following Right-Wing Video Sting

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