Democracy Now

Democracy Now – March 8, 2011

“Women’s Rights are Workers’ Rights:” Kavita Ramdas on History of International Women’s Day and Challenges Women Face 100 Years Later; and Novelist Ahdaf Soueif on Egypt’s Revolution: “People Were Rediscovering Themselves”

Today’s Headlines

    * Obama Orders Guantánamo Tribunals to Resume
    * U.N.: 1 Million Trapped in Libya, Need Emergency Aid
    * Report: U.S. Develops Secret Plan to Arm Libyan Rebels
    * Iraq Orders Closing of Political Offices Tied to Protests
    * Egypt Orders Arrest of 47 State Security Officers
    * Activists Shut Down Bank of America Branch in D.C. in Tax Protest
    * Tom Cruise Cited for Dodging Property Taxes in Colorado
    * Hearings on Muslim Radicalization Decried as a New McCarthyism
    * Iraqi American Filmmaker Beaten in Iowa
    * U.S. Judge Sides with Chevron in Ecuador Case
    * Report: 19,000 Private Security Personnel in Afghanistan
    * Israel May Seek Another $20 Billion in Military Aid from U.S.


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