Democracy Now

Democracy Now! – March 7, 2011

Hopes of Peaceful Revolution in Libya End as Opposition Prepares for Long Battle Against Gaddafi Forces; Thousands of Migrant Workers Stranded at Libyan Borders and Ports as Violent Clashes Spread: Video Report by Anjali Kamat in Benghazi ; As Public Broadcasting and Community Media Face Potentially Massive Cuts At Home, Hillary Clinton Calls For Increased Funding For U.S. Propaganda Overseas; Michael Moore Joins Wisconsin Labor Protests: “America Is Not Broke”

Today’s Headlines

    * Libya: Gaddafi Mounts Counter-Offensive, Hundreds of Thousands Flee
    * U.S. Senators Support No-Fly Zone, Defense Secretary Expresses Concern
    * Saudi Arabia Bans Public Protests
    * Thousands Continue Protests in Wisconsin
    * Budget Cuts and Threats to Unions Prompt Nationwide Protests
    * Karzai Rejects U.S. Apology for Killing Children as Hundreds Protest
    * Egyptian Protesters Overrun Secret Police Headquarters, Seize Evidence of Torture
    * Greece: Nearly 100 Hunger Strike Migrants Hospitalized
    * Forced Nudity Continues for WikiLeaks Suspect, Comparison Drawn to Abu Ghraib
    * China Begins Violent Crackdown on Dissidents and Journalists
    * Fatal Attack on California Sikhs May Have Been a Hate Crime


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