Democracy Now

Democracy Now! – March 1, 2011

Terror in Tripoli: Libyan American Describes Country in State of Fear, But Hopeful of Gaddafi’s Ouster; Arab League Secretary General Amr Moussa on Egypt’s Revolution, His Potential Presidential Candidacy and Middle East Uprisings; Labor Organizers Consider General Strike in Wisconsin as Gov. Scott Walker Refuses to Negotiate over Anti-Union Bill.

Today’s Headlines

    * Libyan Regime Attacks Rebel-Held Towns
    * U.S. Deploys Naval, Air Forces Near Libya
    * 100,000 Flee Libya, Death Toll Remains Unknown
    * Protests Shut Out of Wisconsin Capitol
    * Ohio Lawmakers to Vote on Anti-Union Bill
    * Obama Urges Support for Public Unions
    * Polls: Majority Supports Collective Bargaining; Walker Would Lose Election Re-Do
    * Report: GOP Budget Plan Would Eliminate 700,000 Jobs
    * Trial for Environmental Activist Opens in Utah
    * Massey Security Chief Charged with Obstructing Blast Probe
    * Gov’t Issues First Gulf Deepwater Drilling Permit Since Moratorium
    * Immokalee Workers Launch 5-City Protest
    * Pro-Democracy Protests Spread to Oman Capital
    * 29 Killed in Iraq Clashes; 300 Arrested in Sweep Targeting Dissidents


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