Discreet Music

Discreet Music – February 20, 2011 at 10:00pm

this episode is no longer available



Philip Glass/SignalRubricSignal Performs GlassworksOrange Mountain Music
Philip GlassPart IV-ClosingA Madrigal OperaOrange Mountain Music
Yas-KazWind a Faint CryUnetxuiO Factory
Glass Farm EnsembleHoutIn FourInnova
Steve PetersFiltered LightFiltered LightDragon's Eye
Steve MackeyDreamhouseDreamhouseBMOP/sound
eighth blackbirdZakaStrange Imaginary AnimalsCecille
Blow Up HollywoodEosTake FlightBlow Up Hollywood
Nik Bartsch's RoninModul 55LyyriaECM
Nik Bartsch's RoninModul 47LyyriaECM
GoldbugPersistence of a MemoryThe Seven Dreams1k
Douwe EisengaPrologueMusic for WiekZefir
Douwe EisengaDance 2Music for WiekZefir
David FirstPipeline Witness Apologies to DennisPrivacy IssuesXI
Thierry De MeyUnknownessKinokMegadisc
Michael RobinsonBhairavaBhairavaAzure Miles
SwansFreakFilth/Body to Body, Job to JobYoung God
SwansWeaklingFilth/Body to Body, Job to JobYoung God
The Paranoid Critical RevolutionStepping on a RakeEuphobiaSystems Neutralizer
The Paranoid Critical RevolutionObscurity Death MatchEuphobiaSystems Neutralizer
The Paranoid Critical RevolutionLoitering With IntentEuphobiaSystems Neutralizer
Michel BanabilaAbu DhabiMigrationsTapu
Nico MuhlyFire Down BelowI Drink the Air Before MeDecca

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