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Democracy Now! – February 16, 2011

“A War on Women”: GOP Bills Target Abortion, Family Planning, Sexual and Reproductive Health Services; As Mideast “Rolling Revolution” Grows, U.S. Denounces Iranian Crackdown — But Stays Silent on Key Ally Bahrain; “The Regime is Running Scared:” Algerian Forces Crack Down on Pro-Democracy Protests; Defying Government Repression, Yemeni Protests Continue for 6th Day.

Today’s Headlines

    * Pro-Democracy Protests Erupt in Libya; Unrest Continues in Bahrain, Iran, Yemen
    * Obama Suggests Mubarak Regime Didn’t “Shoot, Beat, Arrest” Protesters
    * Egyptian Military Vows Democratic Transition in 6 Months
    * Obama Admin Touts Internet Freedom While Targeting Twitter, WikiLeaks
    * Rep. King Introduces Anti-WikiLeaks Espionage Bill
    * Boehner: “So Be It” if Federal Workers Lose Jobs Under Cuts
    * Argentina: U.S. Warplane Carried Unauthorized Weapons
    * Key Bush Admin “Source” Admits to Lying about Iraqi WMD
    * Veterans File Class Action Suit over Sexual Abuse in Military
    * CBS News Correspondent Hospitalized After Cairo Attack
    * World Bank: Rising Food Prices Push 44 Million into Poverty
    * U.S. Customs Agent Slain in Mexico Attack
    * 15 Recipients Awarded Medal of Freedom
    * Thousands Protest Anti-Public Worker Bill in Wisconsin

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