Democracy Now

Democracy Now! – February 3, 2011

Eyewitnesses to a Massacre: Reports from Inside Tahrir Square as Pro-Mubarak Forces Open Fire on Protesters; A Battle for Democracy: Sharif Abdel Kouddous Reports on How Anti-Government Protesters Are Resisting the Mubarak’s Regime Crackdown; California Professor Beaten By Pro-Mubarak Forces Minutes After Interview on Democracy Now!Journalists and Human Rights Activists Arrested and Beaten In Cairo Crackdown.

Today’s Headlines

    * At Last Six Dead, Almost 1,000 Injured After Pro-Mubarak Forces Attack Protesters
    * U.S. State Dept.: We Don’t Know Who Is Behind Cairo Violence
    * Egyptian Government Cracks Down on Journalists, Anderson Cooper and Others Attacked
    * Tens of Thousands Protest in Yemen
    * 10 Journalists Arrested in Sudan
    * Palestinian Authority Shuts Down Pro-Egyptian Protest
    * Wall Street Bankers Take in Record $135 Billion in Compensation
    * 43 Million Americans Now Receiving Food Stamps, a 14% Increase
    * Oil and Gas Industry Denounces Academy Award-Nominated Documentary
    * WikiLeaks Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize


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