Democracy Now

Democracy Now! – January 25, 2011

Do You Know the Full Story Behind the Infamous McDonald’s Coffee Case and How Corporations Used it to Promote Tort Reform?; “Hot Coffee” Film Explores How Corporations Are Spending Millions and Spinning the Story to Alter Our Nation’s Civil Justice System; “Hot Coffee” Documents Chamber of Commerce Campaign to Unseat Judges Opposed to “Tort Reform;” “Hot Coffee” Exposes How Hard Caps on Malpractice Awards Shift Burden to Taxpayers.

Today’s Headlines

    * Not Guilty Plea Entered for Loughner
    * Report: U.S. Failing to Prove WikiLeaks-Manning Link
    * Obama to Deliver State of the Union Address
    * 35 Killed in Suicide Attack on Russian Airport
    * 22 Killed in Iraq Bombings
    * Palestinians Agreed to “Symbolic Return” of Refugees
    * Peru Recognizes Palestinian State in Occupied Territories
    * Hezbollah-Backed Candidate Wins Support in Lebanon
    * Clinton Praises Mexico on Drug War
    * ACLU: “Unjustified Homicides” in U.S. Military Prisons
    * Illinois Appeals Court Rejects Emanuel’s Mayoral Bid
    * Corporate Donations Surge to GOP
    * Vermont Measure Calls for Revoking Corporate Personhood

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