Democracy Now

Democracy Now! – January 6, 2011

Crackdown on Organized Labor: States Call for Wage & Benefits Cuts, Urge Laws to Curb Union Influence; and Phil Ochs: The Life and Legacy of a Legendary American Folk Singer.

Today’s Headlines

    * U.S. to Send 1,400 More Marines to Afghanistan
    * Nancy Pelosi Passes House Speaker Gavel to John Boehner
    * Hedge Funds Spent $10 Million to Help GOP Win Election
    * Census: 48 Million Americans Now in Poverty
    * Global Food Prices Hit Record High
    * Gene Sperling Expected to be Tapped for Top Economic Post
    * Amnesty Report: Sexual Violence Against Women on Rise in Haiti
    * Oxfam: Haiti is Still in Ruins a Year After Earthquake
    * U.N. Calls for 2,000 Troops for Ivory Coast
    * Pakistani Guards Questioned over Assassination of Governor
    * Sadr Returns to Iraq After Exile in Iran
    * Israel Considers Probe of Human Rights Groups


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