Democracy Now

Democracy Now! – December 29, 2010

Allan Nairn: As U.S. Loses Its Global Economic Edge, Its “One Clear Comparative Advantage is in Killing, and It’s Using It”

Today’s Headlines

    * U.S. Drone Strikes Kill at Least 33 in Pakistan
    * Ivory Coast President Rejects Demands from African Leaders
    * Palestinians to Ask U.N. to Recognize State
    * 106 Journalists Killed Worldwide in 2010
    * U.S. Companies Created More Jobs Overseas in 2010
    * 157 Banks Failed in 2010, Most Since 1992
    * U.S. Refuses to Help Polish Probe of Secret CIA Prisons
    * WikiLeaks: U.S. Rejected Request to Help Probe of Assassination in Dubai
    * Eight Squatters Die in New Orleans Fire
    * GOP Lawmaker Threatens to Derail EPA Plan to Regulate Greenhouse Gas Emissions


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